• Welcome to Mr. Bourgase’s page of make-up assessments. These assessments are for students who missed the deadline for an Assessment of Learning.
  • These resources can be used for non-commercial purposes if credit is attributed to Brock Bourgase.
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Important Instructions

  1. Students must submit a doctor’s note or speak to the Vice-Principal to be excused from the regular assessment and place it with one of these projects.
  2. Review the instructions, rubric and exemplar and ask for clarification if unsure.
  3. Please email Mr. Bourgase for approval to begin a make-up assessment.
Title Learning Goal Instructions Exemplar
Build a Resource Library Review the topic in the textbook and relevant course materials. Find a multimedia resource that illustrates and explains curriculum. Instructions Exemplar
Write a Wiki Page Compose a thorough report about a relevant course topic. Link the entry to other online resources to help students understand the information or show the application of the concept. Instructions Exemplar