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Video Resources

These YouTube videos can be shown if students complete the worksheet linking the material to course content.

Resource Course(s) Time Description Handout
The Accountants BAT3M, BAF4M 20 min The accountants from The Office try to correct an error from the previous month’s financial statements. Link
All Quiet on the Western Front CHC2D/2P 130 min Told from the German perspective, young soldiers leave their home town and join World War I. Link
The Apprentice: Circus, Circus BBI2O, BMI3C 40 min Team leaders must apply their managerial style and marketing skills in order to promote the Trump Taj Mahal casino. Link
Art and Copy BBI2O, BMI3C 90 min A documentary that follows many influential figures in the advertising industry as they explain how they created many influential campaigns. Link
Benji PPL1O/2O, PAF3O 79 min Chicago high school basketball standout Benji Wilson is stabbed outside of school before he can begin a promising professional career. Link
Big Mac: Inside the McDonald’s Empire BBI2O, BOH4M 55 min McDonald’s began as a single hamburger restaurant founded in 1940. Now there are 36,000 locations across the world. Link
Bigger Than Enron BAT3M, BAF4M 55 min A documentary about shady accounting practices that brought down Arthur Andersen and other examples of business that have manipulated their books. Link
Black Gold BBB4M 77 min A film that chronicles the conditions faced by farmers who harvest coffee beans. Note: The video link is Black Coffee, another documentary that describes the world coffee market. Link
Broke BBI2O 80 min Former professional athletes share financial lessons from their career, explaining how their decisions led them from riches to rags. Link
Brooklyn Castle GLC2O, GLE/GLS, Grade 9 90 min Chess prodigies at a Brooklyn school develop their grit and mental training skills as they enter challenging tournaments and become Grandmasters. Link
The Call of the Entrepreneur BBI2O, BDI3M 58 min Three entrepreneurs – a farmer, a banker and an online journalist – discuss how they achieved success. Link
The Corporation BBI2O, CLN4U 145 min In recent years, the role of the corporation has changed and businesses have been given greater rights and privileges. Link
Dragons’ Den (Best 5 Clips) BBI2O, BDI3M, BMI3C 70 min activity The show highlights the best five pitches from the previous ten seasons. Link
Dragons’ Den (Individual Clips) BBI2O, BDI3M, BMI3C 5-6 min per clip Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to Dragons who choose to invest or reject the opportunity. Link
Election CHV2O 96 min A high school civics teacher interferes with student council elections. Link
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room BAF3M, BAT4M, BOH4M 109 min Enron leaders utilized underhanded accounting practices and take advantage of conflicts of interest to inflate the value of the company’s shares. Link
Finding Forrester ENG1D 136 min A reclusive writer meets a young prodigy who is a gifted writer and basketball player and the two build a connection to help each other. Link
The Founder BBI2O, BOH4M 155 min Ray Kroc partnered with the McDonald brothers to franchise the restaurant chain. Initially, Kroc remains faithful to the terms of their original contract but eventually acts on his own so that McDonald’s restaurants can grow. Link
Food Inc. BBI2O, BBB4M 93 min A documentary that chronicles how business interests have commercialized the global food market and changed how people eat. Link
Framed CIE3U 23 min Eyeglasses are easy and cheap to make but the monopoly of retail opticians has led to high prices and the loss of consumer surplus. Link
Freakonomics CIE3U, CIA4U 90 min Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner explore some of the choices people make, such as cheating and game theory, and explain how behavioural economics create different results than expected. Link
Head Games PPL1M/2M 10 min (95 min full documentary) Student-athletes who participate in sports and physical education class may suffer from head injuries. Understanding the signs and symptoms of concussions help youth advocate for themselves, prevent more serious injury and return to learn and play sooner. Note: This link is for the Dr. Mike Evans Concussion Management video only, not the complete documentary. Link
The Hockey Sweater FSD1D 11 min Maurice Richard was a powerful symbol for French Canadians in the 1950s and 1960s. Link
Hoosiers BOH4M, PAF3M, Collaboration 115 min Norman Dale begins coaching basketball at the small Hickory High School in Indiana and must bring an underdog team together. Link
Hugo FSF1D/2D 128 min Hugo Cabret lives alone in the Gare Montparnasse in 1930s Paris. Martin Scorses made the film as a tribute to French silent films. Note: The YouTube link is to the Georges Méliès film Voyage dans la lune, required for the second part of the activity. Link
An Inconvenient Truth CGC1D/1P, CHV2O, SNC1D/1P 96 min Al Gore spreads the word about climate change and tries to inspire meaningful action by governments and corporations. Link
Indie Game BTT1O, BBI2O, BDI3M 103 min A documentary that profiles independent video game developers as they attempt to launch their products and establish a business of their own. Link
Inside Job BBI2O, BBB4M, BAT4M, CIA4U 108 min Narrated by Matt Damon, the film interviews many scholars, journalists and business figures in order to determine what happened in 2007 to destroy so much wealth across the world. Link
Into the Wind CGC1D/1P, PPL1O/2O 51 min Terry Fox runs across Canada in order to raise awareness about cancer and captivates the attention of a nation. Link
Lean on Me CHV2O, ENG1D 108 min Joe Clark becomes principal at a struggling school in New Jersey and makes significant changes to help students. Link
Maxed Out BBI2O, Math 86 min Throughout the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, Canadians and Americans took on more and more consumer debt. Link
Mad Men: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes BMI3C 47 min When Lucky Strike can no longer make health claims, Don Draper must find a new way to pitch the product. Link
Meltdown BBB4M, CIA4U 174 min The Great Recession was one of the worst economic crisis ever and the effects still linger today. Link
The Office: Broke BOH4M 23 min Michael Scott leaves Dunder-Mifflin and steals all of the firm’s clients. Link
Les Misérables FSF1D 158 min Jean Valjean tries to escape his past and Inspector Javert during the Paris Uprising of 1832. Link
More than a Game GLS1O, PPL1O 103 min More than a Game chronicles the high school career of Lebron James and his childhood friends as they play basketball for St. Vincent/St. Mary’s in Akron, Ohio. Link
The Offseason PPL1M/2M, PAF3M, PSE4U 51 min A documentary followed Kevin Durant’s workout regiment during the summer of 2014. Durant participated in many training activities to get ready for the season. Link
Pay It Forward CHV2O, GLC2O 18 min An organization tries to make the world a kinder place by encouraging small random acts of generosity. Link
The September Issue BOH4M 90 min Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue Magazine, is known for her ability to spot fashion trends and demanding management style. Link
Shake Hands with the Devil CHV2O 90 min Romeo Dallaire describes the 1994 genocide in Rwanda – where thousands of Tutsis were killed by rival Hutus – and the indifference of the rest of the world. Link
The Shawshank Redemption BDI3M, Grit 144 min Andy Dufresne creatively tries to survive a life sentence in Shawshank Prison. Link
Sicko BBB4M, Social Justice Issues 123 min Michael Moore’s documentary profiles how health care in the United States has become a big business like any other consumer good. Link
The Simpsons: Separate Vocations GLC2O 23 min Bart and Lisa take career aptitude tests and the results impact their performance at school. Link
The Social Network BTT1O/2O, BDI3M 121 min Mark Zuckenberg and Eduardo Saverin create Facebook while enrolled at Harvard and take the company public. Link
Startup.com BBI2O, BDI3C, BOH4M 68 min (short)
103 (long)
govWorks – a site to help people access government services – experiences rapid success and an even quicker downfall during the 1990s tech bubble. Link
Steve Jobs: One Last Thing BBI2O, BDI3C, BTT1O 55 min Documentary profiling the life and career of Steve Jobs, including his creativity and entrepreneurship and the history of Apple. Link
Swoosh: Inside Nike BMI3C 45 min Interesting anecdotes about how Nike utilized advertising to grow its business and revolutionize the athletic clothing industry. Link
Terms and Conditions May Apply BTT1O 80 min Documentary describing how corporations gather information from social media and cell phone usage and discussing how to protect your personal information online. Link
Thank You for Smoking BBI2O, ENG1D 92 min Nick, a tobacco lobbyist, must use his power of persuasion and political acumen to advocate for a product that is harmful but legal. Link
Undefeated PPL1O/2O, PAF3O 113 min After countless losing seasons, the student-athletes and coaches of a Memphis-area high school try to come together and reach the playoffs. Link
Undercover Boss GLC2O, BOH4M 43 min Todd Ricketts – one of the owners of the Chicago Cubs – wants to learn more about the team so he goes incognito and learns some of the tasks his employees must complete. Link
Up in the Air GLC2O, BBI2O, BOH4M 109 min Ryan Bingham travels across the country helping companies hit by the 2007-08 recession lay off workers. Link
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices CIE3U 100 min Wal-Mart uses its status as a monopoly to negotiate certain conditions from employees and local governments. Link
Wall Street BBI2O, BBB4M, Social Responsibility 126 min Bud Fox struggles with greed and his personal ethics when he begins working with legendary trader Gordon Gekko during the chaotic 1980s stock market. Note: The video link contains Gordon Gekko’s speech entitled “Greed Is Good” only. Link
The Warning BAT4M, CIA4U 55 min In the 1990s, Brooksley Born was one of the first voices to criticize the unregulated financial markets and predict the market collapse of 2007-08 but financial leaders attacked her credibility, causing her to resign her position. Link
Welcome to Death Row BMI3C, BDI3M 104 min Suge Knight and Dr. Dre founded Death Row records, combining West Coast Hip Hop with gangs and questionable business practices. Link
WikiSecrets CLU3U, CLN4U 55 min The WikiLeaks website has released a number of government secrets and has enabled whistleblowers to reach a wide audience. Link


These handouts can be printed if access to the Internet or a projector is not available.

Resource Course(s) Description
Best Advice I’ve Ever Received BBI2O, BDI3C Entrepreneurs explain the advice that most contributed to their business and personal success over the years.
Antisocial Networking BTT1O, ENG1D Social networking has changed how people communicate. Some feel that it has encouraged more communication; others feel that personal interaction has become more superficial.
Commercial Review BBI2O, BMI3C Use YouTube to analyze three commercials about how marketing concepts are employed. For example, “Make Space” by Jordan features Russell Westbrook. What element of the Marketing Mix is featured, how is the brand presented and is the advertisement effective? Students should focus on clarity and style in their writing.
CoreX Product Placement BMI3C, PAL3M, PSE4U Alex McKechnie is the Director of Sport Science for the Toronto Raptors and has created several devices that professional athletes use regularly but he is been struggling to market the products to the mainstream fitness consumer.
Daily Physical Activity PPL1O/2O, PAF3O, PSE4U Canada has adjusted the guidelines for daily physical activity in order to make it easier for Canadians to meet the targets.
Dedicated Practice ENG1D/2D, Literacy Dedicated practice is the focused practice of a difficult skill in order to improve and challenge oneself. Ben Franklin would read and analyze newspaper articles to develop his writing skills.
Eastern Commerce Late Start Program GLE/GLS, Grade 9 Eastern Commerce postponed the start of the school day by an hour and student marks and attention in class improved.
Economics of Street Charity BBI2O, CIE3M, CIA4U Evaluate the dilemma of a street vendor and a panhandler using economic, moral or personal reasoning.
Favourite Song BBI2O, BDI3C, BMI3C Pick a song about money, business or economics and describe the message that it sends to a young person.
FIFA World Cup and Poverty PPL1O/2O When a country hosts global events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, its poorest citizens are often neglected.
Gene Smith and Leadership in the Ohio State University Athletics Department BOH4M Gene Smith combines a variety of leadership styles in order to manage the Athletics Department at Ohio State University effectively.
New Green Bins in Toronto FSF1D/2D Toronto creates new green bins to foil racoons but will they be successful?
Michael Jordan Endorsement Lawsuit BBI2O, BMI3C Safeway must pay Michael Jordan nearly nine million dollars for using Jordan’s endorsement in a magazine advertisement without permission.
Moses Malone and Charles Barkley Mentorship PAF3M, BOH4M When Charles Barkley was a rookie, Moses Malone helped him train and lose weight so that he could enter the starting lineup and served as a role model throughout his career.

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